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How to make AeroPress® coffee

Pulling the perfect espresso shot requires patience, practice, and more practice. Here’s how to begin the journey.

Why choose to make coffee as AeroPress®?

AeroPress® is for those who love to experiment. It’s a versatile tool for brewing single servings of espresso-style concentrated coffee, delicious straight or diluted in a smooth Americano-style drink. It’s effortlessly portable and clean-up is a breeze.

What supplies you'll need

  • The portable lightweight coffee maker is available in several styles. Any will do!

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    Prismo attachment for AeroPress®

    This optional attachment is a pressure-actuated valve to help brew coffee with a consistency closer to espresso.

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    Any coffee will do! Lighter roasts tend to be brighter with AeroPress®, whereas darker roasts lend themselves more to an espresso-style or Americano-style drink.

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Step by Step Instructions

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1. Measure and grind coffee

Measure out 20 g of coffee beans and grind them on a medium setting. We suggest starting with setting 4 on Ode with Gen 2 Burrs, 3 on Ode with Gen 1 Burrs, 5 on Ode + SSP burrs, and right in the middle of the pour-over range on Opus.
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2. Pre-wet your filter and prep your AeroPress®

If you’re using the standard AeroPress®️ attachment, pre-wet your paper filter in the attachment with hot water and set aside. With the standard attachment, you can either brew using the standard brew method, or the inverted method. Standard brewing would mean that you secure the AeroPress attachment to the bottom of the chamber, and put your coffee dose and water into that chamber, attaching the plunger later when you’re ready to plunge. To brew using the inverted method, you would put the plunger on your AeroPress®️ on the opposite side where the attachment goes and press it in approximately ½ inch in. Balance the AeroPress®️ on the plunger with the attachment side up, and pour the coffee grounds in.If you are using the Prismo attachment for AeroPress®️, you would want to use the standard brew method for AeroPress®️. Pre-wet your metal filter and attach it to the AeroPress®️. Pour the coffee grounds in and stack it all on top of your vessel.
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3. Pour water

Start your timer. Pour 200 g of 200°F water into your AeroPress®, making sure to soak all grounds.
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4. Stir it up!

After one minute, use your AeroPress® agitation stick to stir. Stir for approximately 20 seconds vigorously.
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5. Plunge at 3 times

If you’re brewing inverted using the standard method and standard attachment or Prismo, you’re ready to plunge as soon as you put your plunger back into your AeroPress®️. Make sure to remove your AeroPress®️ and vessel from your scale before plunging, and apply steady, even pressure.

If you are brewing with the standard attachment using the inverted method, you’ll want to put the attachment securely on your AeroPress®️, then flip your AeroPress®️ onto a vessel of your choice before plunging. Make sure to apply steady, even pressure while plunging until you hear a hissing sound.

Pro tip: Carter Wide Mug is the perfect width for brewing into with AeroPress®.

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6. Sip, savor, and experiment!

Use this recipe as a starting point, and experiment to suit the coffee you’re brewing with and find the flavors and textures you enjoy. To add more body to your coffee, try agitating the grounds more or brewing it for longer. If you feel you’re extracting too much and want to pull back on the body, agitate less and shorten the brew time. You can also try diluting the concentrate to make a smooth Americano-style drink with a flavor profile between an Americano and pour-over.


  • How do I pick the right coffee beans?
    Coffee is very subjective. Everyone has their own preferences, and none are incorrect! However, we suggest starting with flavor notes that sound appealing to you. Experiment with flavor notes you’re familiar with, and start to take note of the coffees you like: their origin and processing method (washed, honey, natural, maybe even anaerobic?).
  • What if it’s super hard to plunge my AeroPress®?

    You might have ground too fine! You don’t need to grind super fine if you’re brewing with Prismo or brewing with the standard attachment using the inverted method. The super fine grind setting is suggested when brewing with the standard attachment according to AeroPress®’s specifications so the coffee will drip slowly through the filter, giving you more time to extract (because the standard attachment doesn’t seal).

  • How can you make espresso with an AeroPress®?

    You can make espresso-style coffee with AeroPress® by using less water to coffee in your ratio, and perhaps grind a little finer. However, espresso machines push water through coffee grounds at extremely high pressures, which is the biggest driver in creating that thick, rich, creamy espresso texture. Using Prismo will also help you get closer to that fluffy, thick espresso texture by sealing the chamber of the AeroPress® and creating more pressure inside of it.

  • Is making coffee with AeroPress® time efficient?

    Yes. Generally, AeroPress® brew recipes only call for sub 3 minutes total brew time. However, this method is very manual. If you are looking for more of a hands off brew method that still creates delicious coffee, we’d recommend checking out the French Press method!

Perfect coffees for AeroPress®

Ready to try your hand? Discover our curated collection of coffees, ideal for pour-over.
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