A Heart's Cry

Spoken Psalms of David

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Announcing Our First Album

Spoken Psalms of David!

 A project birthed from desire to support those

ministries that serve the homeless, widows, and orphans.

The work of Rudy Hugo, Steven Esposito and Eric Terlizzi will bring encouragement to your soul and strengthening to your faith.  You will here find the powerful Word of God narrated by a true man of God and supported by beautiful and effective music.  You will be refreshed.  You will also find that this CD has power over the oppressive darkness that surrounds us all.
-John G Elliott
Steinway Artist (International Roster), Director of Worship Hymn Ministries


" Rudy and Steve have created a masterpiece to accompany any disciple's quiet moments of reflection and prayer, whether in the car, the gym, or in the last moments before falling off to sleep. The Word comes alive as it is read with true devotion and surrounded by a soundtrack that is suited to each of the Psalms perfectly. The fit between the spoken and the instrumental is so good, I wonder if this isn't the actual music King David had playing in his mind when he first wrote them! I love to "sit and soak" in the Word, and Rudy and Steve's album has deepened my experience of waiting on Christ in my quiet moments. Thanks, guys, for your labor produced by love."

-Roger Erdvig

President, CACC- Patchouge, NY


L-R: Steven Esposito , Eric Terlizzi , Rev. Rudy Hugo


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